Enterprise network Security WORKShop

Dates: 26th & 27th February 2022
Duration: Two Days Workshop (3 Hours Per Day) 
Timings: 7 Pm to 10 PM
Only students who knows fundamentals of network or basics of cyber security


Day 1

1. Understanding Enterprise Network Architecture
2. What is Firewall and how to apply on Network
3. Apply Firewall on Network for DOS Attack
4. Apply Firewall on Network for Brute Forcing Attack


1.Understanding Enterprise Wireless Network
2. What types of Security Policy apply on Enterprise Wireless Network.
3. what is RADUIS Server ?
4. Secure Enterprise Wireless Network with RADIUS Server

Certificate Sample

1. Live Sessions of 6 Hours
2. Recorded Format of Live sessions
3. Workshop Participation Certificate (e-verified)

Contact: 7217-879-230 for details